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Counselling New Plymouth

New Plymouth
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Counselling New Plymouth

My name is Tony, counsellor in New Plymouth.

I have worked in social services for over 20yrs. I am well skilled in working with individuals or couples to find their direction.

I have been involved with complex mental health, addictions, co-existing problems, high risk family harm and management of community agencies and teams.

I am

  • well skilled with difficulties that require a well-balanced approach. I have worked with many ethnicities, ages & stages, victims and perpetrators of violence.
  • non-judgmental, because I sincerely believe people want to have a better happy life. It just sometimes, we don’t know how to.
  • also an artist and musician, and will use art therapy as a process to release and open the doorway to healing.

  • a member of DAPAANZ and adhere to their code of ethics.

I believe in a holistic approach, which covers all aspects of your life.
I use several approaches to suit who I’m working with. I am well-grounded with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, hypnotherapy, and Te Whare Tapa Wha.

Counselling & Life coaching

You're welcome for:

General counselling
Counselling can be useful for anyone who wants to explore the way they're thinking or feeling further, as well as for anyone experiencing a problem or issue, they are keen to resolve. 

Life Coaching
I can help you grow by analysing your current situation, identifying limiting beliefs and other potential challenges and obstacles you face by devising a custom plan of action, designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life.

Relationship counselling
To rebuild a relationship or marriage that may have unravelled, you first must be prepared to tear down the old foundations and build some new ones.  This will need true authenticity, honesty, trust and most of all, improved communication skills.

Even if you’re not a good communicator, I’ll guide you.  You will have homework, and that is the area of most importance.

You get out what you put in, as its not just enough coming to see me, its what you take away and apply into your daily life that proves most effective.

Would you like to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Online therapy

I offer online counselling and therapy with ZOOM video call.

Qualifications and registrations

  • Diploma in Life Coaching (2yrs NZQA)
  • Diploma in Mental Health (2yrs NZQA)
  • Diploma in Applied Addictions counselling (2yrs NZQA)
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • DAPAANZ Full clinical registration



I support a lot of people with:


I am registered with Dapaanz and work closely with addiction issues.  Addiction comes in many forms; our focus is Alcohol and Substances. You may wish to become abstinent, or you want to manage your choices well and reduce the harm.

Anger management
Anger management isn’t about never getting angry. Instead, it involves learning how to recognize, cope with, and express your anger in healthy and productive ways.
Anger management is a skill that everyone can learn. And, there’s always room for improvement.

Family harm
I have worked in high low/medium/high risk family harm extensivly.  However to begin counselling the risk must be addressed first, before attending counselling.

  • The most crucial goals of trauma therapy are typically:
  • To face the reality of the past event without getting stuck in it
  • To reduce or eliminate trauma symptoms
  • To work towards shifting focus from the past to the present
  • To improve daily functioning
  • Raise awareness of hereditary trauma
  • To reclaim your personal power
  • To overcome addictions associated with traumatic stress
  • To gain skills that prevent relapse

Most common issues I support people with:

Anxiety:  Anxiety is one of the main issues I come across.  I have a process to reduce this back to levels of "healthy Anxiety" as opposed to "unhealthy Anxiety"


$130 per counselling session 

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