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Coach, Hypnotherapist, Havening Techniques ® Certified Practitioner - Wellington - Ellie
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10A Ganges Road - Khandallah
6035 Wellington
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Ellie | Coach, Hypnotherapist, Havening Techniques ® Certified Practitioner


A key focus and passion is trauma recovery for big T and little t trauma.  It may be very recent or from our past.  Such trauma as childhood sexual abuse, abandonment, neglect, earthquakes, violence, bullying, car accidents, and warfare. 

Or you may be a first responder who is struggling to focus on your work, or perhaps it is when you are trying to be present for your family, but your mind is elsewhere and your body is on edge, or you wake up startled or in a panic due to the imprints of these traumas. 

The results are astoundingly fast and permanent.  I love the look of disbelief on my clients faces as they try to find the trauma response but can’t.  It lights me up to help people break free of these horrific events.  They are left with the working memory and the wisdom but not the emotional angst and at times a deep sense of shame associated that they hadn’t been able shake.  Clients have ranged in age and stage from 3 years, primary school, teenagers and adults.

My techniques help resolve the past and create space and the structure for the future you want.  The techniques are quick, compassionate and do not require you to regurgitate deeply upsetting detail that usually only serves to further strengthen the trauma.  Instead in a few short hours you get results compared to what some of my clients have said years of talk therapy and thousands of dollars didn’t achieve.

Reach out to me for a no obligation 15-minute chat. I’d love to speak with you.

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Online therapy

I provide online sessions using Google Meet from my home office ensuring complete confidentiality.

Qualifications and registrations

  • BSc Hons Psychology - 1998
  • Prekure Certified Health Coach - 2020
  • Diploma in Clinical & Advanced Hypnosis -DipCAH - 2023
  • Havening Techniques ® Certified Practitioner - 2023
  • Certified Magnetic Mind Coach - 2022

  • Professional membership to NZAPH (NZ Assn of Professional Hypnotherapists)
  • Prekure postgrad Professional Development.



$150 per one hour session
$225 for initial 90 minute discovery session
$600 if buy 4 sessions in advance saving $75.
$110 for students.

$250 for couples/family

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday Unavailable
Tuesday Unavailable
Wednesday 1pm-8.30pm (online only after 5.30pm)
Thursday 1pm-8.30pm (online only after 5.30pm)
Friday Unavailable
Saturday 2pm-5.30pm
Sunday 2pm-5.30pm



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