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Online Holistic Counselling

I am so excited to share my story and mission with you. It is my background combined with my experiences that bring me here today.

I have been a holistic practitioner for many years now and have had so much satisfaction in guiding many beautiful souls on their journey to health and healing. This has made my life incredible and continues every second of it!

I am Julie, an intuitive & holistic counsellor, a healer, a life guide & a spiritual instructor. 

My career started as a professional dancer evolving into healing modalities when at a young age, I discovered the perceptions into the world of spirits, other realms, and past lives which enabled me to release lost Souls and receive messages.

My purpose is to counsel beautiful Souls on their journey, teach, and share divine messages that will serve them to awaken and remember who they truly are.

Our session will be focused and adapted to you. We will work together to understand your unique needs with the integrative techniques that are the most appropriate to you to find balance, happiness, and peace in yourself and create the life you desire. 

I have a nurturing, proactive & empowering approach to helps you find freedom within yourself in a supportive and safe environment.

Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling is a beautiful way to get in touch with all parts of yourself. It is such a down to earth approach that touches the deepest of your Soul and considers you in your wholeness embracing the emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual part of yourself so that I am as a Holistic Counsellor able to create the appropriate treatment plan that will support you to align with who you truly are and the world you live in.

Being a Holistic Practitioner for so many years now I have been honored to work and celebrate the success stories of many beautiful souls from all array of life and I invite you today to be the author of your own life and to start writing the beginning of a new era!

I offer Holistic Counselling sessions that are held online using different healing modalities as well as life skills counselling and Accredited Holistic Therapy Certificates in Massage, Facial & Energy Healing if you feel called to find your gift and discover your own power!

If you want to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Qualifications and registrations

  • Holistic Counselling Diploma
  • Certificate in Assistant Nursing (family and health assistant)
  • Massage Therapy Diploma (Raynor Technique, deep tissue, relaxation, pregnancy, hot stone, emotional release, reflexology, aromatherapy)
  • International certificate in Pain Management Foundation Level A and B (Micro stimulation, gentle dry needles, acupressure)
  • Certificate of Kinesio Taping Fundamentals & Advanced (KT1 & KT2) and Clinical concept (KT3)
  • Certificate in Reiki Level 1
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Professional Development:
  • Mental Health First Response Skills Training with Colliberate

  • Suicide Prevention & First Aid Training
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training with RespectED Aotearoa

    Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention & Response in the workplace (Level 1 training, workshop)

  • Student Support Manager at NZSD for 20 months

  • Meditation Teacher Training



Individuals Therapy Online:
  • 90 minutes Initial consultation NZD 130
  • 90 minutes Follow Up consultation NZD 130 or
  • 60 minutes Follow Up consultation NZD 100 

In-person Holistic Counselling Consultations through walks are also available, check my other profile for more information or contact me directly.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 10 am to 5 pm
Tuesday 10 am to 7 pm
Wednesday 10 am to 6 pm
Thursday 10 am to 6 pm
Friday 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


Reviews Online Holistic Counselling

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I warmly recommend Julie's work

I warmly recommend Julie's work and expertise. She's a wonderful person. Her guidances are very helpful and profound and really brings a better understanding of what's at play. Don't hesitate to book with her.

| Luxemburg | 4 Feb 2022
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I would definitely recommend Julie

Julie is absolutely incredible and has played a significant role in my healing journey.

Julie creates a safe and supportive space so you can speak freely without any judgement or criticism, and also gives really valuable insights and guidance on how I can resolve my conflicts while continuing my self development.

I would definitely recommend Julie to my friends and family.

| Wellington | 2 Feb 2022
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An incredible support

Julie has been an incredible support as I navigate some big life changes. She has offered wisdom, but also helped me to answer my own questions using inner child mediations. I cannot recommend her highly enough as a therapist. She’s one in a million.

| Auckland | 1 Apr 2022
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I highly recommend Julie

A good friend suggested I find a counselor and had shared stories of her own where she had to "shop around" for someone who resonated with her. Well I feel like I hit the target the first time with Julie - I am so glad I found her.

Having never done counseling before I was nervous but that dissipated within minutes. We are a few sessions in and I am so grateful I took the leap and landed on such a caring and professional soul.

Julie is curious without being forceful, gentle while still working with strength and pace, and generous in her guidance and support which has really lightened my load and opened the door to self-discovery.

I highly recommend Julie if you are looking for a holistic counselor.

| Auckland | 11 Sep 2021
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