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Athena Hemming | Heart and Mind Coach

Heart and Mind Coach - Upper Hutt - Athena Hemming
Counselling Upper Hutt - Hutt Valley
75 Totara Park Road
5018 Upper Hutt
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Counselling Upper Hutt - Hutt Valley

My name is Athena. You're welcome for counselling & relationship counselling in Upper Hutt.

Why Work With Me?


By calling myself a Heart and Mind coach, I am saying that my goal is to bring more love and more consciousness into my own and other peoples’ lives! As a coach, I am quite practical and expect to see action! I have been watching myself work over the last few  years and I want to give you an accurate idea of what it’s like to have sessions with me.  

By nature, I am a roll-my-sleeves-up-and-get-stuck-in kind of woman. From the first session I always try and give something concrete to take away and practice or think about. Sessions are an active process for me where I'm open to giving as much as my clients, when appropriate. I share ideas, techniques and beliefs, and it is your choice what you take away and what you discard. I will probably question, challenge and clarify with you the perceptions and understandings you have about your life and life in general. If you want to discover more about yourself and why you act and feel in a certain way, let’s unite our efforts and focus our intention! We could, for example, manage to find the real cause (root) for an issue (often in the past). This is one of the ways to start to conquer worry, improve relationships and feel more confident about performance at work and in life. 

Most importantly it's all about communication. Mine with you, yours with your loved ones, yours with yourself , yours with life. I'm talking about the words we use, they shape the connections we share. Do we hear our feelings on a daily basis?  How do we communicate to others who we are. I love the subject of communication. I'm quite passionate about it in fact!  

Who: Relationships and Individuals.

Whatever the reason, I will assume a client wants change. I actually believe we are changing all the time, whether we notice or not, whether on purpose or not. I work with people from all walks of life, from students to executives, pensioners to plumbers, business owners to full-time Mums. People come to me for a variety of reasons including feeling sad or stressed or having reached a crisis in their life or relationships. I see many couples; from those who are basically doing OK but want to refresh their communication skills to those who are about to break up and want to tick the “We’ve tried everything box”! Oh! and I really love working with young people (15-20).

In truth, I am health focused. The goal is to find your personal balance between the painful stuff and the times of peace. Put another way I could say the goal is to be more present, HERE. Having our life’s energy more available to use in positive, rewarding, fun or enriching ways rather than preoccupied in sometimes painful, automatic (and unconscious) thoughts and actions. This is not achieved by ignoring the wounds, or by over-thinking the bad stuff.

As an example of how I work, if you think you are "worrying too much" I shall explore with you:

  • Understanding the why. ( Each therapist has their own way of approaching the why).
  • What changes you could comfortably make.
  • The implications of change (which might be mixed).
  • The reasons not to change.
  • What commitment would look like.  

I always follow up at the next session. The more clients think about what we discuss in sessions, or try out new ways of behaving, the more they will get out of our time together.

Whatever troubles you have I am going to see you as a whole human being ( with strengths, weaknesses, potentials, fears, wounds and  skills etc). I've been trusted with many experiences by clients over the years from being abducted by aliens (Who am I to say this didn't happen) to some pretty abominable human behaviour. Some have called me gullible,  I prefer the word  open :-)


People don't always come to me because they are in crisis. Let me use an analogy: think of me as a book. A resource. For instance, parents contact me to ask if I can help their young people (children) with life. The subject of concern might be bullying, it could be anxiety, it could be a medical event.

As an outsider I can say things that friends or family might be afraid to say for fear of hurting a loved one. I can offer ideas and perspectives that might never have been thought about before. I put them out as ideas that can be taken or left with no strings attached. But I am better than a book because I have an automatically self-adapting user interface! I will naturally adjust to those I'm sitting with to try and offer the most relevant approach! There :) The most modern and up-to-date technology available: a real human with heart and humour.




"Athena is a special wise women who will reach into your heart and help gently put the pieces of the puzzle back together. She understands my journey and knows what to say to make sense of things I wouldn't have ever thought of that lay deep in my unconscious .

She really knows her stuff and you are never left at the end of the session with questions but more of a deeper understanding and huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Thank you for holding space for me and patiently allowing me to heal, to find myself again and the laughs too! You're a treasure"
"Athena has increased my quality of life in an immeasurable way. I cannot thank her enough for her patience, time and love she has given me over the past few months. I have begun a journey now that would not have been possible without her help getting me started. I can’t believe how much of a change I feel day to day in my life now."
"I came to Athena after struggling with anxiety for decades and believing that it was possible that anxiety was who I was and I just needed help with managing it. 

Athena has been the only person who has helped me discover the source of my anxiety and has helped me become mostly anxiety free. I didn't think I would ever find the peace I was looking for."



"Thank you dear woman; for your active listening; the gentle challenges; the many kindnesses you've offered me; and your open, compassionate heart. I appreciate you being present with me Athena" 



"Hi Athena thank you for the fantastic help you have given to our daughter. It is nice took see our little girl starting to reappear again......and Thank you from the bottom of our hearts". 




You are welcome to contact me with questions, to get to know me better, before deciding if I am the right person for you.



Most common issues I support people with:

So here are some of the reasons you might want to come and see me and that I am used to being able to help people with.


  • You are feeling really upset or distressed about someone or something that has happened
  • You may suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or depression. Maybe you want to understand why you, in particular, are like this?  
  • You may be unhappy with how your relationship is going, with you partner, parents, work associates or children.
  • Maybe you are be being bullied or harassed.
  • You may feel stuck. Have an addiction.
  • You could have a habit of using weed or other drugs as a crutch
  • You might be aware of a past event or pain holding you back.
  • You may not be in a crisis but simply feel like something is missing, maybe life lacks overall purpose.


$90 per session of 1 hour
$100 two people, $110 three people

Late cancellation and no-show fees apply.

I will be taking a break over Christmas from Friday 23rd December through to Monday 16th January

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 5pm - 8:30pm
Tuesday 11am - 8:30pm
Wednesday 11am - 8:30pm
Thursday 11am - 8:30pm
Friday Closed
Saturday 9:30am - 5pm
Sunday Closed


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