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Lesley | Coach - Emotional Freedom Techniques

Coach - Emotional Freedom Techniques - Dunedin - Lesley
Coaching & Emotional Freedom Techniques Dunedin
78 Dalziel Road - Halfway Bush
9010 Dunedin
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Coaching & Emotional Freedom Techniques Dunedin

Hi I’m Lesley and I’m an accredited EFT practitioner. EFT, commonly referred to as tapping, is a drug free, powerful, self help tool that can be used daily to manage phobias and fears.

You don’t have to put up with these fears. Once you have learned what to do, EFT empowers you to manage any fears and phobias as they come up. My aim is to teach you multiple techniques so you have options for coping whatever the situation.

You're also welcome with issues such as trauma, PTSD, stress, sadness/grief, anxiety and overwhelm. 


My work has been with people coming for private sessions, with sport’s teams, in schools and in public and not-for-profit workplaces.


Emotional Freedom Techniques are portable, drug free, popular tools for looking after your mental health. They have been used all over the world for the last 30 years.


Being present

I provide an empathetic, non-judgemental space for you to work through your needs. I work at your pace.

I understand that you are the expert in your needs and I empower you to have insights into what you need to do. No two people are ever the same.


Therapeutic and practical approaches

The EFT techniques that I teach you are tools for life. They are there whenever you need them. My aim is for you to have as few sessions as possible with me. Success for me is knowing that you have enough knowledge to help yourself with most everyday problems. Then you will only need to see me again when something out of the ordinary happens.


I have techniques that can help you when you can't speak about your problems. I often help clients without knowing the details of what they have been through. Emotional Freedom Techniques don’t rely on talk therapy, although I will use words and tapping to enable healing when appropriate. 


Would you like to know more or make an appointment? Feel free to contact me.



Online therapy

I am available online and in-person.

Qualifications and registrations

  • Master in Education: Language in Social Context
  • Post Graduate Diploma with Excellence in Counselling and Guidance
  • EFT international accredited practitioner
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education

  • Member of EFT international and the EFT Guild

Workshops attended:
  • Emotional First Aid by Jondi Whitis
  • Trauma Based Behaviour by Dr Emma Woodward
  • Trauma Aware Schools by Matthew Portell



$120 per session



Reviews Coaching & Emotional Freedom Techniques Dunedin

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Lesley worked with kindness and compassion

Lesley helped me to navigate through a difficult situation which weighed heavily on my heart.


Lesley worked with kindness and compassion, using the tapping to lift both the emotional and physical symptoms I was experiencing. I now use tapping whenever I need it in my everyday life.

| Dunedin | 9 Nov 2022
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It helped me a lot when dealing with anxiety

Both the havening and tapping have helped me a lot when dealing with anxiety.


After hitting my head I had bad anxiety going into crowded places the havening technique is so subtle that it would help ground and reassure me when I would begin to hyperventilate.


I also use the tapping technique quite frequently before training in the car when I’m feeling anxious and it helps settle my nerves and allows me to go in the rink feeling a lot calmer and no one is the wiser 😂


I really enjoy both these techniques and have adopted them both into my life!

| Dunedin | 18 Nov 2022
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